As I mentioned before, Weebly offers three separate editing tools that you can use to build your site. You can only use one of these tools to build your site (you can’t switch between them), and your answers to Weebly’s initial questions during the setup process determines which editor you can access (more on this in the Ease Of Use section below). These different editors come with slightly different features and pricing options. The three editors are as follows:

  • Legacy: Weebly’s older editing tool offers more customizability, but it isn’t quite as easy to use as the other tools. Legacy allows you to sell online with any paid plan, and it is the only editor that offers the “Connect” pricing plan.
  • Editor Prime: Weebly’s newer editing tool offers the best ease of use, although it has more limitations in terms of design. The Editor Prime is the editor that is most likely to get love and attention (read: updates) from the Weebly crew. I’ve been told that Weebly developers run a new update every four days.
  • Square Online Store: This is the editor that you’ll find if you sign up for an online store through Square. It is the same tool as the Editor Prime, although it has a couple of minor differences in features. You can only process your payments through Square (Stripe and PayPal are not an option), and you can sell online on the free plan. Pricing is a bit different too (in fact, it looks more expensive). Read more about Square Online Store in our separate article on how to accept online payments.

Ease Of Use

Rating: Excellent

Weebly website builder is well-known for its ease of use. Both Legacy and the new Editor Prime offer a simple solution for building a website or online store. Although there are a few differences between the two main editors, both editors are well-designed and straightforward, allowing users to take specific, pre-programmed content blocks (image galleries, slideshows, contact forms, text boxes, etc.) and organize them in unique configurations. In some ways, Weebly websites are akin to intricate puzzles but without a ‘correct’ solution. The user can place the various pieces in any order they like.

We’ll go into more detail on Weebly’s ease of use in the Web Design section later on, but for now, all you need to know is that anyone could learn Weebly’s design tools in the course of an afternoon.

Signing up with Weebly is an easy process. You begin by creating a username and password, and then you have to answer a couple of questions about your business. While this step seems pretty basic, it is extremely important in determining which editor you get access to.

When you reach this screen (below), you have two choices.