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Overview of the Best Website Builders - How to Choose the Best Website Builder

In the times we are in, whether you are a vendor or a professional, online presence is essential, and this is where the need for a great site comes in. Businesses around the world have marked astounding inclines in sales owing to leads generated online. Consumer behavior is gradually shifting towards searching for products and services on the internet. So, if you are interested in enhancing your visibility, you better be found online.

List of Top Website Builders You Can Use to Get Started 

There are several awesome website maker, each one with its benefits and shortcomings. Choosing one depends on your needs and what you wish to accomplish with your site. There are so many website creation services in the market; one builder offers different benefits compared to another, making each a great fit for specific industries. Depending on what you want and what your objectives for putting up a site are, some builders may be an ideal option while others may not. Following are detailed overviews of some modern website builders.

Launched in the year 2015, is a top-ranking platform to build a website that utilizes the drag-and-drop technology, therefore making it possible for individuals to build great and professional landing pages without any design knowledge. Having analyzed hundreds of industries, the developers of the builder have taken the needs of different markets into consideration. There are 38 categories with over 350 designs to choose from, depending on your needs. 


  • Spectacular templates to choose from 

  • Compatible with mobile platforms 

  • Basic coding features to facilitate further customization – You are not totally limited to the templates

  • Integrates with Ecwid – Run your online store and efficiently keep in touch with your customers 

  • Awesome blogging and E-Commerce offerings for enhanced convenience

  • Integrates Google Console and Google Analytics to your site for evaluating the performance


  • Does not facilitate the daily backup of web files 

  • Lacks a data export feature 

  • The domain fee does not include email forwarding 


The builder offers fair pricing according to plans and packages. Each plan has a distinct price tag depending on the included features. For example, if you choose the yearly plan, these are the rates for the various packages:

  • Minimal 4$/month

  • Basic $8/Month

  • E-Commerce $9.30/Month

  • Pro $12/Month

This is an awesome cloud-based website builder service which does not necessitate prior knowledge of development skills. You have access to over 500 designs to choose from. The building process is hassle-free as you’ll only drag and drop elements around. With the Wix Editor, you can further tailor your site to match your needs and preferences. However, this will need basic tech knowledge to do it. Here are the advantages and disadvantages associated with Wix builder:


  • No need to download any software as the builder has its web hosting service

  • Great predesigned templates for different industries 

  • Optimized designs compatible with mobile devices

  • Offers SEO tools and guidance for generating more organic traffic

  • Has reliable 24/7 customer support service  

  • You can use your current domain name 


  • Convenient for small sites only owing to navigational constraints

  • It's complex to customize sites beyond the template designs

  • Limited SEO functionalities, therefore, generating leads may be a slow process 


The builder offers Premium, Domain, and Mailboxes subscriptions. In Wix premium plans, the prices depend on the benefits offered in a given package. Here’s a list of the prices:

  • VIP Plan - $24.50/Month

  • Unlimited - $12.50/Month

  • Combo - $8.50/Month

  • Connect Domain - $4/Month


This is an intuitive and interactive website builder that is convenient for beginners, offering tons of professional themes to choose from. The builder comes with hosting services for sites developed on the platform. This enhances the speed and performance of the site. It is a convenient solution for getting started with facilitating more publicity and expanding your business online. Here are the factors to note about Weebly:


  • Allows further customization in the Weebly App Center

  • Built-in SEO tools for site optimization

  • Compatible with mobile devices – You can edit your site right from your phone

  • Convenient for small and mid-sized E-Commerce sites

  • Has an easy to use Editor  


  • It’s complex to export data to other platforms 

  • Has limited features for analytics 

  • Not suitable for extensive E-Commerce sites due to restricted functionalities 


Weebly is a web page builder that offers a free basic use package for site design. However, there’s little you can do with it. The prices for various plans have been categorized into “For Websites” and “For Online Stores.” Here are the rates which are billed annually:

For websites

  • Connect - $5/Month

  • Pro - $12/Month

  • Business - $25/Month

For online stores 

  • Pro - $12/Month

  • Business - $25/Month

  • Business Plus - $38/Month


Squarespace is a top brand in the website builder platform space. Whether you are looking to build an online store, share your portfolio, or put together a stunning site, Squarespace has got you covered. The builder has award-winning templates and designs suitable for different markets. Let’s take a look at the associated advantages and disadvantages:  


  • Hosting is covered in the plan prices

  • Import and export data to other online platforms 

  • Dependable 24/7 support services

  • Offers advanced customization offers

  • Has SEO and analytics functionalities 


  • No third-party app integration 

  • It’s challenging to navigate options

  • Editing can be daunting and has a learning curve to it

  • Plans are pricy compared to other platforms


Squarespace is a great option if you are going to monetize your site. Otherwise, the cost of putting up a great site is expensive if you are not going to get any cash from it. Though you can pay monthly, you will save 25% of the total cost if you pay annually. Let’s look at the packages:

  • Personal $12/Month

  • Business $18/Month

  • Basic Commerce $26/Month

  • Advanced Commerce $40/Month

When using the personal plan, you only have access to a few basic features with no much control and capabilities. 


If you’re looking for a fast way to get a site running, then Jimdo is one of the best building platforms you can go for. There are numerous streamlined designs you can pick to set up and customize your professional website. Depending on your needs, you can use the DIY builder where you pick a template and personalize it, or you can have the AI builder to do it for you by utilizing artificial intelligence in designing the interface. The notable good and downside aspects of this builder include:


  • Offers multiple website builder options – Do it yourself or have the AI get it done for you

  • Great on-boarding and easy to navigate options 

  • Extensive E-Commerce functionalities

  • SEO optimization capabilities

  • Design and manage your site right from the Jimdo mobile app 


  • No data exportation option

  • Limited predesigned templates available

  • No third-party app integration 

  • Limited support service


Plans here are fairly priced compared to other website creator platforms. Here’s what you’ll pay for various packages: 

  • Play (Basic package) – Free

  • Start - $9/Month

  • Grow - $15/Month

  • E-commerce - $19/Month

  • Unlimited - $39/Month

The highest package gives you access to all advanced features, premium support, and professional design analysis. It is ideal for E-Commerce sites. 


Site123 is an easy-to-use website builder which has an intuitive editor. Sites designed are compatible with mobile devices. With a selection of awesome-looking templates, these offer great features for small and medium-sized websites and online stores. While the builder does not offer many customization options, you are sure to get a professionally looking site up and running in a few minutes. Let’s see the good and the bad about Site123:


  • Hosting expenses are covered in the tier price

  • SEO tools for optimizing your site

  • Templets are mobile friendly 

  • Supports third-party apps and plugins

  • Facilitates social media integration

  • Offers marketing functionalities 

  • Unlimited web pages 


  • Limited customization options – You can’t edit the source code

  • Limited functionalities to support large enterprises and E-Commerce sites

  • Limited templates and designs


The builder has only two tiers, the basic and the premium plans. The first option is free, and the benefits include a subdomain, 1 GB bandwidth, and access to 500MB storage. The premium option goes for $10.80 per month, but even this has limited benefits. Here are additional services you get in the premium tier:

  • Free domain name for 1 year

  • E-Commerce functionalities

  • 10GB storage

  • 5GB bandwidth 

  • Connection with your current domain


GoDaddy is a leading site builder platform with strong brand recognition. They offer a convenient web builder which enables you to expand your visibility online by building a landing page in no time. With over 300 themes to choose from, you can quickly put together a site that matches your needs. With GoDaddy, the security of your customers is taken care of as the sites designed are SSL protected.  Let’s look at the benefits and tradeoffs that come with using this builder: 


  • Award-winning support service

  • Extensive bandwidth for more traffic

  • Easy integration with third-party apps 

  • Compatible with mobile platforms – You can edit your site right from your handheld device 

  • Simple onboarding with detailed tutorials 


  • Limited E-Commerce support functionalities

  • Limited customization capabilities 

  • Switching between themes leads to loss of content – Pick one carefully before starting


There are several tiers you can choose from, each having a one-month free trial period. Every plan covers different features, and these are convenient, depending on the purpose of your site. The higher tiers are great for extensive websites. Noteworthy, the monthly rates are billed annually. Here’s a list of the plans and their prices:

  • Personal - $5.99/Month

  • Business - $9.99/Month

  • Business Plus - $14.99/Month

  • Online Store - $29.99/Month


Shopify is a leading all-inclusive website builders company. It is great for small, medium, and large online stores. The builder offers solid advanced features that give you the convenience to efficiently grow your online presence. Designing a website has never been easier as the Shopify platform enables you to do it in minutes. Let’s check the advantages and disadvantages:


  • Supports marketing strategies such as SEO

  • Supports essential Add-ons for enhanced flexibility and extended options

  • Extensive range of professional themes

  • Zero transaction fees (apart from when using third-party payment gateways)

  • Facilitates on-the-go management right from your phone

  • Great customer support


  • Customization might be challenging with a learning curve to it

  • Professional reporting only available in the higher tiers

  • Challenging when exporting blog posts

  • Limited follow-up emails for abandoned carts


The builder has three subscription tiers, each having a selection of features and benefits. Here’s a list of the prices:

  • Basic Shopify - $29

  • Shopify - &79

  • Advanced Shopify - $299

Without a doubt, this is one of the most expensive website makers. However, the prices match the features offered. For example, you can sell unlimited products when using any of the plans. You can also open staff accounts for your employees under your account. 


If you intend to set up a website, an online store, or a professional blog, Ucraft offers the right tools to do that in no time. It is the easiest website builder to use and one that facilitates easy design without prior technical knowledge. With tons of ready-made templates, make a few adjustments, and get a spectacular website up and running. Here are some of the associated benefits and downsides:


  • Creates mobile responsive landing pages

  • Easy-to-use and flexible customization tools

  • Great tutorials and documentation

  • Convenient editing dashboard that is easy to navigate

  • Has SEO optimization capabilities 

  • Built-in security features and analytics functionality


  • Inefficient for complex websites owing to technical limitations

  • Limited templates available 

  • Limitations in third-party apps integration


There are several tiers which are fairly priced compared to other builders. The first default plan is the Free Website. The other subscription packages are: 

  • Pro Website - $10/Month

  • Pro Shop - $12/Month

  • Big Commerce - $39/Month

The most expensive tier is great for online stores as it covers selling unlimited products, receiving Google Shopping Feed, and selling on various online platforms including eBay, Amazon, Facebook, and Yandex. If you’re looking to maximize your profits, you can consider the Big Commerce plan. 


Webnode is a quick website builder which offers great flexibility and options in regards to customization capabilities. With no prior coding skills, you can design an awesome website by utilizing the stunning ready-made templates. Noteworthy, when you build your website with Webnode, you are not charged hosting fees. Let’s have a glance at the pros and cons of the builder: 


  • Supports plugins and apps integration

  • Provides SEO functionalities for enhanced website visibility

  • Free hosting and extensive bandwidth allocation

  • Design mobile-friendly landing pages

  • Awesome features which include Video and Photo gallery

  • Advanced customization options available

  • Supports multiple languages 


  • Inefficient support services

  • Separately priced domain names

  • Not the best option for complex high-end sites

  • Limited template designs 


The builder has four subscription plans which cover different features. Overall, the prices are competitive, considering the available functionalities the builder supports. Here are the tiers:

  • Limited - $3.95/Month

  • Mini - $5.95/Month

  • Standard - $11.95/Month

  • Profi - $19.95/Month

The Mini, Standard, and Profi packages include a free domain for one year. The high-end tier offers users unlimited backup and recovery. If you are looking to build a professional website, then the Profi tier will get the job done for you. 

Reasons Why You Should Have a Website Using a Simple Website Builder

One undeniable fact evident in today’s E-Commerce space is that businesses are embracing the opportunities that came with the rise of the internet age. Companies that resisted change in regards to acknowledging the online concept were bound to fail, and it was only a matter of time that they became irrelevant in their respective industries. There are many reasons why you should have a website. Actually, there is no reason why you shouldn’t:

  • A website is an excellent platform for growing your brand

  • Consumers engage with businesses on their websites

  • It portrays a professional image about you and your services 

  • Your competitors most likely have websites 

  • Expands your market reach all over the world 

  • Around-the-clock access

  • Your competitors most likely have websites

  • There are affordable tools such as a website builder to help you get started

Having a site for any business or professional is almost becoming a necessity. If customers can’t find you online, then you can be sure you are not achieving your optimal potential.  With the hosting covered in the services offered by the builder, this minimizes the load times of site built. If you are interested in maintaining your competitiveness in the industry, then you should get a website for your business. 

A Quick Website Builder or Hiring a Web Developer? Weighing the Options

The answer to this question solely lies in what the purpose of your site is. Hiring a developer to build a site from scratch is an intensive investment and is not for all businesses, especially those without much revenue. Looking at it from another perspective, using a free web builder may result in losing cash associated with your business’ potential value. Therefore, before deciding on which path to take, there are three main factors to take into consideration.

  • The revenue level of your business – Can your business continue running without financial issues as a result of the site investment 

  • The projected returns associated with the new investment - If there are no good figures in mind, then it's not an investment worth your money

  • The sustainability of the business – Be prepared for increased labor expenses 

High transaction value businesses that bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits are the most ideal for hiring professional developers to design complex high-end websites. It is important to note that building a website is only the first step, and there are other costs associated with maintenance. The thing is, if you have enough cash, then hire a developer, if not, go for a cheap but awesome website builder. 

Who Should Use Modern Website Builders? 

The fastest and cheapest way to get a website up and running is by using website builders. You are presented with ready-made templets, add a few customizations to bring out the brand element, and you publish it in no time. Use of website builders should not be seen negatively, but as an economical way for growing your online presence without much financial risk. There are associated tradeoffs, the major one being the little control over the design and layout. Nonetheless, you can be sure of getting a stunning website that will get the job done. Website builders are the best option if any of the following describes you:

  • Small to medium-sized businesses

  • Bloggers

  • Individual professionals

  • Hobbyists

  • Unprofitable startups

  • Small non-profit organizations 

For individuals, businesses, and organizations that are still in the launch and growth stages, the objective is to establish an online presence without committing many finances to the process. You can use a basic website to grow your brand and increase your competitiveness, and once your business is well-established, then you can shift to a more complex and fully personalized website designed by a professional. The good thing is that modern website builders also offer awesome features such as SEO to optimize your website. 

What to Look for in a Great Web Page Builder

There is nothing like a good website maker or a bad website builder, all are good, and that is the reason why they’re still in the market. However, not all are ideal for specific industries. In this regard, each builder has its shortcomings in light of particular industry needs. Therefore, what to look for in a website builder will much depend on what is your objective for website creation. Nonetheless, there are general attributes that a great website builder should have. Let’s take a look at some:

  • Prompt and reliable customer support

  • Templates should be mobile friendly

  • Basic SEO capabilities

  • Onboarding guides and documentation

More business-centered websites require advanced functionalities, which will enable you to optimize your business better and analyze its progress. If you are interested in setting up an online store, then the website builder should have:

  • Advanced SEO functionalities

  • Availability of expert advice 

  • Google analytics integration

  • A builder that supports third-party apps

  • Advanced marketing functionalities

If you use your website primarily for business purposes, then advanced SEO and marketing functionalities are paramount. You want to generate as much organic traffic if you are to have any chances of converting leads to sales. 

Tips on How to Find the Best Platform to Build a Website that Meets Your Needs

Each website builder is a good fit for specific needs. Having seen factors to consider when figuring out, there are various ways you can find which website builder is convenient for you. 

  • List down your objectives – What you intend to achieve from designing a website

  • Check features offered by various providers – The builder should help you achieve your objectives 

  • Consider the price tags for different tiers – Pick the one that meets your needs at a competitive rate

  • The experience of the builder – Experienced website builders are more stable and reliable

  • Check website builder reviews by other users – You’re sure to get a firsthand perspective of the rated builder

  • Make use of the trial period – You can take advantage of the trial offers to check the suitability of various providers for your needs

  • What’s the support system like? – Pick a simple website builder which has support systems such as a User community and documentation

A good website builder software for your business should make it possible for you to achieve your objectives by offering the necessary features, help you understand how to use the features and offer good support in case of any uncertainties. You can compare several options and see which one will work for you.

Testimonials by Users of Modern Website Builders: Reviews

  • user

I felt it was the best time to take my business online and choose as my ideal online store builder. I love that my landing page is mobile friendly; my customers make their orders while-on-the-go. The Pro plan is fairly priced with tons of great features. I would definitely recommend

  • Squarespace user

Squarespace has worked magic for me, as my photography brand has become more visible. They have flexible spectacular templates which are just ideal for creating awesome galleries. Their marketing functionalities have enabled me to optimize my site, and now I receive calls and emails from clients at an astounding rate. Thanks, Squarespace. 

  • user

I’ve always desired to have an amazing blog, and made this come true. The builder has a great blogging system that just made it easy to set up and run. The Support and the Community have always been helpful whenever I came to a dead end. Now I can boost my blog's visibility, and this has increased my page’s traffic. It’s simply great.

  • Shopify user

I always thought of setting up an online store was complex and tiresome, not until I tried out Shopify builder. This site builder has awesome designs, and I picked just the right one for my site. The pricing matches the features offered and the quality of the site designs. I’ve been able to scale my revenues, all thanks to Shopify. 

  • Weebly user

Weebly was the best website builder for designing a site for our music band. The builder enabled us to have video backgrounds and seamlessly showcase our music on our page. Today, we receive incredibly numerous gig invitations, and we attribute the success to online visibility via Weebly. I’m a happy customer.

Top Site Builders According to their Suitability for Specific Industries

  • Best website builders for small businesses

Small businesses require a few advanced features, such as marketing functionalities. Pick any of the following builders to get access to advanced SEO tools.


  • Wix

  • Weebly

  • GoDaddy

  • Top website builders for a blogging system

For bloggers, any builder among these will perfectly get the job done.  

  • Wix

  • Squarespace

  • Weebly

  • Best website builders for a photographer

You can pick a builder to set up your photography site as they all offer great gallery features. 

  • Wix

  • Squarespace

  • SmugMug 

  • Weebly

  • Best E-Commerce site builder services 

Choose a builder from these options. Each offers incredible functionalities, such as SEO suitable for E-Commerce.

  • Wix

  • Shopify

  • BigCommerce

  • Weebly

  • Best professional site builder services 

The following services have spectacular templates and typographies, just what you need for a professional look. Pick the builder of your choice. 

  • Squarespace

  • Wix

  • Site123

  • Webnode 

  • The best mobile website builder services

In your care about mobile platform compatibility, select a builder that meets your budget from this list.

  • Ukit

  • Weebly

  • Jimdo

  • Site123

  • Best drag-and-drop site builder platforms 

In search of a simple to use a builder? Choose your preferred option below.

  • Wix

  • Ukit

  • Weebly 


Can I build my first site alone?

Yes, it is possible to build your first website alone. If you are using a Website builder, most services offer tutorials on how to navigate the editor and how to get things done. 

Do website builders offer free domain names for a lifetime? 

No. Free domains offered by website builders are subjected to renewal after one year. You will be required to renew your subscription for you to continue using your domain name. 

How much does it cost to design and launch a site?

Designing and launching a website is much expensive when using a developer’s services. The cost will range anywhere between $100 to $30. However, when using a website builder, the price is significantly reduced anywhere between $10 to $100.

Can I migrate my site from one builder to another platform?

Most site builders do not give users the option of migrating their site to other platforms. However, there are a few that facilitate the exportation of data such as Squarespace. 

Why are SEO tips essential when considering which site builder to use?

A site won't serve its purpose if no one visits it. SEO tips offered by site builders aid in optimizing your website for enhanced visibility.